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Alpaca Walking Business

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Alpaca Business Summary

Walk 15 alpacas @ £35 for 2 people to walk 1 alpaca, add 2 additional walkers @ £12.50 each; one walk each day lasting 2 hours = £550. Walk 5 days each week, including Saturday and Sundays for a total of £2,750.00. 4 weeks each month would equate to a total income of £11,000.00 per month. Total income for the year if you walked for 10.5 months would be £84,000.00. Should the walks be only half full on week days, deduct £225 per day for 3 days, a total deduction of £3,000.00. In terms of expenses, it costs approximately £2 per week to keep an alpaca in feed and hay. Vets bills would vary but are estimated upon our experience at £2,000 per year. Wages would be added if you chose to employ or it could all be yours if you run it yourself with your family, as we did for three years.




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